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Resident Evil: Siren's Song (2018)

No this is not the latest installment into the $1.2 Billion grossing series loosely based upon the game by Capcom. Although the series came to be the highest grossing film series based on a video game; it still lacked the authenticity that die hard Resident evil fans yearned for. After 14 years and 6 films later; a reboot has been announced, though to whom the directorial reigns belong to is yet to be determined.

When a big budget Hollywood movie is put into production; there's a whole army of artists behind it aided by large funding going into the Millions to help bring the projects into fruition. These movies can be based upon original ideas or even; as in the case of Resident Evil; video games. But what makes these films a success is not really the money spent to make it but the reception by the fans themselves. Like the Sony series RE films; which did have the production value to be successful; the fans received it. But even within that; there were fans that wanted a more authentic; true to the game experience. Thus over the years led to the emergence of several fan films based upon the wildly popular game series.

The latest fan film to come out is Resident Evil: Siren's Song (2018). Produced in unison by Cinematic Adventure Club, Fired Boy Films, and Superhuman Pictures with Sacramento Film Armory providing the special effects and makeup. This true fan film consisted of an entire team of fans who had spent many hours playing the series over their childhood (and then some). Consisting of a screenplay written by Sky Montoya and Anthony Villa; the movie introduces two new characters. A Veteran S.T.A.R.S Member; Shane Maus and a rookie RPD Cop; Nikhil Naidu.

Throughout the film there are several nods to the game strategically placed in plain sight. From typewriters to the first aid sprays; they will all make an appearance subtly in the film. Blink and you may miss it. Several iconic characters also make an appearance in the film. Although their time is limited as the film mostly concentrates on the events around SGT Maus and Officer Naidu. Characters to look out for are:

Hunk played by Robert Reimers

Jill Valentine played by Micaela Daci Rubio

Chief Brian Irons played by D. Brad St. Cyr

Barry Burton played by Shaun Patrick

Kevin Ryman played by Anthony Villa

With a limited budget; many characters were played by the same actors. One noticeable talent would be Jennifer Ravensong; who ends up playing 4 roles!

Coming up with an original side story and still staying true to the game; the Montoya / Villa script was given vision to by Director Reggie Waters and Director of Photography; Justin Dailey. Shot on location in Rancho Cordova, Roseville, and Lodi; the location also included the ship; Aurora.

The film took about 2 years from start to finish and about $10k to finish. If you consider yourself a RE fan; then here's the link to the promo; the trailer for the fan film and finally; the link to the full film itself; ENJOY!



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