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Official Promo for Siren' Song

When Raccoon City succumbs to the T-Virus outbreak; it's up to a rookie RPD cop and a veteran S.T.A.R.S member to uncover the truth...

"Siren’s Song’ is a Resident Evil fan film made by the fans of the game, for fans of the game. We hope that it strikes the right balance between horror and action, giving it the appropriate mix to be considered ‘survival horror’. We wrote an entirely original story, and wove it into the Resident Evil timeline in somewhat of a hole between game 1 and game 2. Just after the mansion incident, but before game 2. We used original characters so as not to rely too much on the characters we all know and love, but we did weave in some of those characters so as not to ignore the awesomeness these characters have brought to our lives. All we ask of you, is that you follow the call to horror. "

The awesome cast and crew that is involved in this amazing project are multi talented and amazing! Here's a few to name:

The movie is directed by Reginald Waters.

Produced by Shaun Patrick of Sacramento Film Armory.

Director of Photography is Justin Dailey.

Written by Shaun Patrick & Anthony Villa.

Line Producer is Anthony Villa.

Audio by Jenna Marie.

Practical Effects by Sacramento Film Armory, Justin Giannini, Ajimus Prime.

BTS Photography by Nikhil Naidu Photography, Oscar Benjamin, Jennifer Ravensong, Pamela Montini, Bill Reid.


Shane Maus as "Shane Maus" Veteran S.T.A.R.S. Member

Nikhil Naidu as "Nikhil Naidu" The Rookie RPD Cop

Micaela Davi Rubio

Daisy Yunuen

Katie Horak

Patrick Dervily

Grid Margraf

David Jon Foster

Robert Reimers

Jennifer Ravensong

Deven Savage

Terry C. Morgan