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A recipe for The Perfect Date: A Photoshoot

Step #1: Choose the location that fits your expectations. 

Choose a place you would normally enjoy seeing, have fun there and spend some time with your loved one, while I, the photographer, make the fun last forever.

Step #2: Choose the right time of the day (or year).

Plan your photo shoot for the mornings or evenings. The light works best and you definitely won't regret it. After all, who wants to smile when they're sleepy after a hearty lunch and in the middle of all those tourists, right?

Step#3: Decide what to wear to be the perfect pair.

Try not to wear anything brand new or anything that would clash with your partner. 

Step#4: Resolve the eternal issue of how to pose.

Choose your favorite way of shooting and have it exactly how you want it. If you like posing, go ahead. If you don't, you can even have your session done in the paparazzi style and enjoy the celebrity feeling we all want to have sometimes.

Step#5: ASK! Feel free to ask me for any advice; before & during the shoot. Remember, it's YOUR session!

Step#6: BOOK with me today! Call 916-606-4185.

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